Facebook Statuses Uncovered!

Kerry Gibb

Kerry Gibb is a mum to four lively boys and the author of It's A Kid's Life - a series of books aimed at children aged 7 - 11 years old.

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16 Responses

  1. Totally guilty of the puppy one, she is weeing and pooing everywhere, but she is still adorable. I tend to post the good and bad days.
    What you say is so true though!

  2. Oh dear – think I’m probably guilty of them all! #Thelist

  3. Love this post. Very funny and oh so true. 🙂 #Thelist

  4. Ha ha so true! The pics men put on fb of their other halves just after giving birth do make me laugh, especially when they mysteriously get removed five minutes later!

    • Kerry Gibb says:

      lol, my husband put one on once of me in my pj’s within an hour of giving birth a big bit of saggy tummy poking out! I was mortified! Needless to say, he never made the same mistake again!

  5. Guilty of a few of these. It feels better to post positive things than negative so I admit to making things seem better than they are at times.

  6. This is so true. People only post the selected highlights and the best bits… although I am also guilty of some of these too. The people on FB who really annoy me though are the ones who write things like “I have the best husband in the world ever ever ever”. Are we all supposed to think our other halves are complete rubbish and could never compare? As you say, they’ve probably spent all year bickering! #thelist

  7. Emily says:

    So true, I spend minimal time on fb because it just seems more and more about showing off !

  8. You’ve never seen someone write “I love my life”?? Hahaha! I love it 🙂 Great list!

    Thanks for linking up love xx #TheList

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