Puppy Love!

Kerry Gibb

Kerry Gibb is a mum to four lively boys and the author of It's A Kid's Life - a series of books aimed at children aged 7 - 11 years old.

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  1. You always make me smile! I can totally relate, we are having fun with toilet training Holly at the moment, with her being a little moodle her poos aren’t quite as long as a foot (thank goodness), one thing I love is the bond she is creating with my 5 year old Adam, he adores her and carries her everywhere (I’m surprised she can even walk!) But seeing my little boy snuggled up with his puppy is priceless. Enjoy and I look forward to more cute puppy pics.
    mg from Reflectionsfromme.com

    • Kerry Gibb says:

      Haha, well maybe a foot long was a bit of artistic license! Your little puppy looks just adorable! Obi is getting a little big for the boys to carry now but that doesn’t stop them trying! I will check out your dog with a blog when I have a moment! I don’t think you are crazy – you are just stretching your ability as a writer – impressive!

  2. Caroline says:

    Hi Kerry, I can relate to lots of what you mentioned! Definitely the best one for me is the girls going straight outside to play with our puppy rather than the standard option of TV/iPad!

    • Kerry Gibb says:

      Hi Caroline. I couldn’t agree more. I love seeing them running round the garden with him. I bet your weather makes it a lot less messy though. My floor gets muddy again the minute I wash it! I can’t wait for going on long walks in the spring with him. xx

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