Don’t Forget About Your Youngest!

Kerry Gibb

Kerry Gibb is a mum to four lively boys and the author of It's A Kid's Life - a series of books aimed at children aged 7 - 11 years old.

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2 Responses

  1. I always have the same guilt, my first born has had the most when it comes to extra activities, followed by number 2, but poor number 3 has missed out on some of the things the others got to do. Time gets less, money gets less, and our household gets crazier, but number 3 has had experiences that the other two didn’t. By being carted here and there, and well everywhere he ha learnt lots of wonderful things and received plenty of attention along the way. So let’s face it the littlest members of our tribe will turn out just fine! From Mackenzie Glanville xx

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