“You are going to be a Daddy!”

Kerry Gibb

Kerry Gibb is a mum to four lively boys and the author of It's A Kid's Life - a series of books aimed at children aged 7 - 11 years old.

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  1. Vic says:

    How awful is this bit I told him over the phone whilst he was at his golf club as I was too excited to wait. He asked me to pick him up in an hour or so once he had finished his pint as someone had just got a round in! We still laugh about it now 🙂 Great post btw xx

    • Kerry Gibb says:

      Love it! Probably much more memorable than telling him over a romantic dinner and definitely one to tell Eloise when she is older! xx

  2. with our third child I found out I was unexpectedly (but over the moon) pregnant on Valentines day, so I brought my hubby a cupcake with an I Love You heart on it and left the stick next to it, he was surprised and thrilled!

  3. Jeanette says:

    Firstly congratulations! I have 5 lovely boys and with the first 4 it was no real surprise to my husband but when the 5th came along it was a different story! I had thought my family was complete with 4 boys. I went off to uni and studied 3 years to become a teacher and then 6 weeks after a month of celebrating my 40th and my husbands 40th, I discovered I was pregnant! I was devastated! I couldn’t be pregnant I was a teacher and now I couldn’t look for a job as it would have meant starting my first year and then leaving half way through. My husband just looked at the pregnancy test I was showing him and asked ‘what’s that?’ I replied ‘what do you think it is?’ To which he said ‘well it’s not mine’, quickly followed with ‘how the ……………. did that happen?!’ ‘I very angrily replied ‘in the usual way!’ . I then spent 3 weeks wishing him away (the baby), arguing with myself about what I was doing, after all I was now 40 and by the time it was 20 I would be 60. There was a nine year age gap between this one and the last one. What was I thinking! Then I realised I couldn’t do anything else but have number 5 and my husband was in total agreement. Now we wouldn’t be without him he is a breath of fresh air and a happy addition to our rather larger than intended family.

    • Kerry Gibb says:

      Thank you Jeanette! The only thing better than 4 boys would be 5! We feel the same about our 4th – he is the best happy ‘accident’ that ever happened to us! Congratulations to you on your 5 lovely sons and thank you so much for sharing your story. It is lovely to hear from fellow mums, 🙂 xx

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